MUTINY: Republican Delegates Planning to Block Trump's VP Pick

The buzz all weekend has centered on the rumor that Donald Trump is seriously considering selecting a pro-choice registered Democrat, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, as his VP. As if being a pro-choice registered Democrat were not enough, Flynn was basically fired from his post for allegedly being too lose with information in the presence of Vladimir Putin.

As you might have expected, this move is causing a pretty serious backlash among GOP delegates, who are considering rule changes to block any Trump pick:

Anti-Donald Trump delegates are looking into a rules change that would allow them to reject Trump’s vice presidential nominee and present their own alternative, BuzzFeed News reports.

Delegates plan to present the proposal to the Rules Committee next week.

Delegates aren’t bound to vote for the nominee’s choice for vice president, but traditionally the running mate is automatically ratified by the convention.

I think if Trump picks someone like Pence or Christie or whoever, this move will likely fizzle out. Even if it’s a horrible choice like Newt or Palin, as long as it is a Republican, probably Trump gets a pass.

But if he intends to press on with Flynn, I think this effort will get a lot more serious.

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