Trump: The Star of David Thing is Over, and it was a Total Winner of an Issue for Me

I wonder what color the sky is in Trump’s universe. A day after embarrassing himself and freaking out the entire House GOP by returning to the Star of David issue immediately after James Comey gave him a free pass on the issue by publicly upbraiding Hillary Clinton’s email practices, Trump was on the radio in Ohio bragging that the issue was “very much resolved” and that he had come out looking great:

I mean they’re almost as corrupt as Hillary Clinton, frankly. And it was so ridiculous. And a lot of people have called it out for what it was. But it was so totally ridiculous. And I think that problem now frankly has been very much resolved to my way because when you take a star — when you take a star, it could’ve been a sheriff’s star, it could’ve been anything. It was just a star and they started saying it was the Star of David. It’s just a corrupt and very dishonest media doing that.

But the issue seemed far from resolved as he railed against the media and dragged up the controversy in an erratic speech Wednesday night in Ohio.

“Erratic” really does not cover it. As Caleb noted last night, Trump’s behavior in his speech was so bizarre even his supporters were averting their eyes.

Anyway, yeah, I’m sure that at the end of the day, a lot of people are going to change their minds and vote for Trump over this.