Bob Corker: Ivanka Would Make a Great VP! Eric Trump: I Agree, She's Pretty Hot (VIDEO)

I really don’t know what the deal is with the men in the Trump family and the way they talk about Ivanka. Donald Trump’s creepy, sexual comments about his own daughter have been well documented and would have killed the political career (or, frankly, the non-political career) of any man who didn’t have a devoted following of slobbering brainwashed zombies in his corner.

Now, Eric Trump is jumping into the fray. On Fox and Friends this morning, Eric Trump was presented with a clip of Bob Corker saying that Ivanka Trump, his sister, would be a great choice for Trump’s VP. Eric Trump’s response? Right off the bat: “I agree, she’s got the beautiful looks!”

You can watch this creepy exchange for yourself here:


Now look, this isn’t even 10% as creepy as Donald saying that the thing he has in common with Ivanka is “sex” or that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter he would probably be dating her. That said, I have two sisters who are both beautiful, impressive people. If someone suggested to me that they would make great Vice Presidents of the United States, my first remark in response would not be to mention how attractive they are. It just wouldn’t. And it kind of creeps me out that Eric Trump would.

I guess probably in the constellation of things that are wrong with Trump and his family, this is relatively far down the list, but you do have to kind of marvel at what a rotten culture you find when you scratch the surface.