FBI Director James Comey to Testify Before House Oversight Committee Thursday

Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson Brian Fallon shared the hopelessly panglossian view yesterday that James Comey’s statement on Hillary’s email practices somehow represented “the matter being concluded.” If the way the press has reacted is any indication, this thing is a long ways from over.


Especially since we now know that James Comey will be testifying before Jason Chaffetz’ House Oversight Committee tomorrow to discuss his decision not to recommend indicting Clinton.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said Wednesday that FBI Director James B. Comey has been invited to testify to the committee Thursday about Hillary Clinton’s email case.

Mr. Chaffetz said he spoke to and texted with Mr. Comey on Tuesday. Mr. Comey said that while Mrs. Clinton was reckless in her private email practices as secretary of state, he would not recommend she face charges for mishandling classified information.

“We have invited him to participate. He indicated the best time would be Thursday, so we anticipate Thursday at 10 a.m., we should have the FBI director before the oversight committee,” Mr. Chaffetz, Utah Republican, said on Fox News.

A couple of observations about this. First, Comey has not been subpoenaed. He was “invited.” And he came willingly and promptly, while the story was still hot in the media.


You get the sense that Comey is not done shoveling dirt on Clinton. If he had stayed after the presser yesterday and answered questions from the press, that might have been a bit much to keep his career – but if he responds to an invitation from the House and talks more fully about what they found, how can Obama punish him for responding to an oversight inquiry?

Comey should definitely have recommended charges for Hillary, I definitely agree with that. But I also believe that he really is trying to inflict damage here where he can.


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