Yet Another GOP Senator Goes #NeverTrump, or at Least Pretty Darn Close

I have to admit I did not see this coming from Nevada Senator Dean Heller. Heller has always been kind of an establishment guy who has been happy to fade into the background and let leadership make his decisions for him, from what I can tell. Someone finally got around to asking him what he thought of Trump and whether he would even vote for Trump, and his response was, let’s say, colorful:

“Today, I’m opposed to his campaign,” said Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada. “He did a lot of damage. It’s very difficult for him, as far as I’m concerned, to recover from his previous comments. I’ll give him a chance, but at this point, I have no intentions of voting for him.”

So, not only is Heller not planning to vote for Trump now, but he can’t really see a scenario where Trump might possibly recover from the damage he’s already done, even if he somehow miraculously rights the ship between now and November. That’s pretty much the same as saying that he’s #NeverTrump, without actually saying it.

The list of #NeverTrump Senators really crosses the ideological spectrum at this point, and everyone has different reasons for joining. Mark Kirk is one of the most liberal Republicans in the Senate and he’s on board. Establishment toadies like Lindsay Graham and Dean Heller are both on board. Conservative firebrands like Ben Sasse and (probably) Mike Lee are on board. It will be interesting to see how large the caucus grows as time goes on.

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