NRSC Craps on Ted Cruz After Using his Name to Fundraise all Spring

The NRSC is a sick, cowardly, and corrupt organization. After Ted Cruz moved up to second place in the polls, they used Ted Cruz’s name to fundraise for months. “Send us money,” they said, “so that we can send more people to Senate like Ted Cruz.” The NRSC actually had the balls to use Ted Cruz’s image on a T-shirt to fundraise earlier this year.


Well, in Colorado, a candidate who is a lot like Ted Cruz, and who was endorsed by Ted Cruz, won the Colorado Senate primary. How has the NRSC responded? By publicly abandoning Darryl Glenn and by sending anonymous chickens**t consultants out to crap on Ted Cruz behind the wall of anonymity:

But Glenn and his anti-Washington supporters could be on their own for November. A Senate Republican aide said Wednesday it is “very unlikely” the National Republican Senatorial Committee — which has long been at odds with Cruz and his allies — will spend money in the race now.

“Senate Conservatives Fund got him through the primary and they should commit to spending in the general,” said the aide, who requested anonymity to discuss private conversations inside the NRSC.

What cowardly, two-faced scum. The Senate Conservatives Fund, at least in this race, was not even running against an incumbent. And still the NRSC can’t get over their pettiness. I almost welcome the destruction that is coming to this party in November.


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