Donald Trump Cares More About his Dumb Trucker Hats than he Does about the Supreme Court

People say the #NeverTrump crowd should just get over our objections to Trump because of the Supreme Court. The theory goes that Trump will definitely nominate people who are better than Hillary so we should all get over the fact that he is manifestly unfit for the job as a human being and besides which not a conservative and pull the lever for him anyway.


Well, the Supreme Court handed down a number of very important decisions today, including one that was a crippling blow to years of progress made by the pro-life movement. Pretty much everyone on both sides of the ideological spectrum has weighed in with thoughts on the opinion, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comments, or Thomas’ brilliantly eloquent dissent. It has been THE major topic of political conversation for the day.

As I write this post late on Monday night, Donald Trump has neither tweeted nor said a single word about any of these decisions.

Oh, but Donald Trump hasn’t been quiet, not at all. He’s been saying plenty about the vital issues of the day. See, for instance, Elizabeth Warren made fun of his dumb trucker hats that say “Make America Great Again” on them. So, no way could Trump let that slide. Trump has tweeted three things today – one about Hillary, the other about CNN, and then of course about Elizabeth Warren:


Trump spent most of the rest of the day drawing press attention for an increasingly unhinged rant about Warren, who he has repeatedly insisted does not matter. He called her “racist,” again referred to her as “Pocahontas,” and in classic schoolyard behavior, called her “goofy.” This qualifies as schoolyard behavior because the insult that Warren leveled against his hat was that it was “goofy.” So, basically, Trump’s response was, “Nuh uh! YOU’RE goofy!”


The only surprise is that he didn’t respond with “Your MOM is goofy!” Which would at least have been funny, in a way.

So, to review, a no count Senator insults Trump’s hat, and Trump spends an entire day hurling invective at her. The Supreme Court deliberately flouts its own prior rulings in overturning laws designed to protect the health and safety of women (and children lucky enough to survive an abortion) for transparently political reasons and Trump does not give a crap.

Give me a break. I am never going to vote for this man because he will never stop being Donald Trump. He is incapable of pulling off even a passing imitation of someone who actual conservatives should vote for, and everyone trying to shove him down our throats should slink into a hole somewhere in the hopes that the stench of their shame might one day wash off.


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