Ben Sasse Destroys Washington Post's Biased, Pro-Abortion SCOTUS Coverage

After today’s nonsensical and unconstitutional ruling by the high priests of abortion that Texas cannot regulate the safety and health of abortion clinics, the Washington Post took the opportunity to fete their favorite Supreme Court justice (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) by helping her perpetuate a blindingly false talking point about abortion: that laws like the ones in Texas are NOT related to health and safety.


The article praised RBG for pointing out that abortion is generally safe (for mothers; for unborn kids it is decidedly NOT safe, but liberals don’t even pretend to care about that). That’s true; however, it’s a ridiculous straw man in the context of this law. Appendectomies are generally tremendously safe. Gall bladder removal is generally safe. However, if performed in an outpatient clinic that does not adhere to basic health and safety standards, it can be very hazardous and deadly indeed, and that is what the Texas law addressed.

Nonetheless, the WaPo headline today was especially bizarre: and Ben Sasse took them to task brilliantly on Twitter:



Brilliantly put. Of course, the media decided not to even cover Gosnell’s shop of horrors, even though he preyed primarily on black, poor women and directly caused dozens of deaths while extorting poor people out of their money. Gosnell’s story had all the elements of the Flint water disaster except for the fact that abortion was involved, so therefore it was not a subject that the media could even show up for the trial. Disgusting.


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