Anti-Trump Delegate Mutineers Descend on Cleveland

Unlike the abortive attempt to recruit an independent candidate to run against Trump, the effort to simply deny Trump the nomination at the convention seems to be serious and gaining steam. According to Politico, the members have been strategizing via phone and have made efforts to establish a control center in Cleveland that will serve as a nexus for their efforts to disrupt the convention. A number of delegates and prominent conservatives are listed as being involved in the effort, which appears to be real, even if it’s unlikely to succeed just from a numerical standpoint.

For myself, I remain torn about the merits of this particular movement. I feel like, generally speaking, people should be forced to sleep in the bed that they made. At any time during the course of the primary, both the party bosses and (more importantly) Republican primary voters could have done any number of things differently to stop Trump from securing the number of delegates he needed to get the nomination. They did not, preferring instead to either remain silent or hop on the hopelessly doomed John Kasich bandwagon.

It became clear, probably before March 15th but definitely immediately in the aftermath of the March 15th primaries, that voting for Ted Cruz was the only way to stop Donald Trump. Party bosses and voters refused. This is the world they chose to live in. I’m not tremendously gung ho about saving them from the consequences of the choices they made.

Nor, for that matter, am I especially motivated to save Trump voters from watching their cheeto-faced God go down to historic electoral defeat. They, after all, are the reason we are in this mess, and the only hope the country has is for them to see what a huge mistake they have made. Sure, Trump is a non-serious ignoramus and buffoon, but non-serious ignoramuses and buffoons run for President all the time. It’s not Trump’s fault that he is what he is. It’s the fault of the even worse ignoramuses and buffoons who abdicated their civic duty to take voting seriously that we are in this predicament. They are the ones who ignored the giant, humongous red flags that indicated Trump would get trucked in the general election and deluded themselves into believing that Trump would crush Hillary – just because Trump said so.

The only way forward, from my perspective, is to let Trump have his run. Let it play out as it all should. And when he loses badly to the worst and least charismatic Democratic nominee since the dawn of history, then maybe we can talk about picking up the pieces. In the meantime, as many Republicans as possible should be clear that Trump is running alone. Let Trump and his stooges be the only people who even attend the convention. Distance yourselves publicly from both his rhetoric and his person.

Trump’s voters voted for Trump because of the belief that he would “burn it all down.” Let’s let them see what that looks like.

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