You Can't Make This Up: Donald Trump Questions Hillary's Faith

Wow. Trump met today with a number of Evangelical suckers leaders to pitch himself as a man of faith, and during the course of the meeting, he had the following… interesting.. remarks about Hillary’s faith:

New York (CNN)Donald Trump argued Tuesday that the American public knows very little about Hillary Clinton’s religion, raising questions about how it will impact her leadership should she become president.

“We don’t know anything about Hillary in terms of religion,” he said, speaking to a group of Christian leaders in New York. “Now, she’s been in the public eye for years and years, and yet there’s no — there’s nothing out there. There’s like nothing out there. It’s going to be an extension of Obama but it’s going to be worse, because with Obama you had your guard up. With Hillary you don’t, and it’s going to be worse.”

I don’t even know what to say about this. First of all, Donald Trump was asked, less than a year ago, what his favorite Bible verse was, and he refused to answer the question on the grounds that it was “too personal.” This is a guy who said less than six months ago that he’s never felt the need to ask for forgiveness from God. Now he’s trying to suggest that Hillary presents a problem because no one knows anything about her faith? And I don’t know where he’s going at all with the Obama remark… is he trying to suggest that she’s some sort of secret Muslim?

Second, actually quite a lot is known about Hillary Clinton’s faith. Like, waaaayyy more than is known about Trump’s “faith.” Entire scholarly books have been written about it. She is a well known socially liberal Methodist, which is a pretty well known quantity in terms of doctrine in America. You might not like it, but to suggest that her faith is the subject of some mystery is absolutely baffling.

For Trump to suggest it really is hypocritical.

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