Trump's Ideas about Immigration are as Dumb as Hillary's Ideas about Gun Control

One of the things that is endlessly annoying about gun control advocates is the way they are always proposing solutions that, by their own admission, would not have prevented the latest tragedy they are politicizing. For instance, here is Terry McAuliffe, days after the Roanoke shooting, calling for an end to (fictional) “loopholes” in background checks, then admitting seconds later that the Roanoke shooter did not purchase his gun through such a loophole and in fact successfully passed a background check:

This is a common song and dance routine that is designed to obfuscate the fact that liberals just don’t want people to own guns, period, and so they want to make it as difficult and onerous as possible to own guns, without regard for whether the policy they are proposing has any reasonable relation to the tragedies they are allegedly trying to prevent.

Know who else suffers from this problem? Donald Trump:


And, in a tweet with even less class and decorum:

Let’s call this bullcrap for what it is: demagoguery. The ban that Trump proposed, which is a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States, would have done absolutely nothing to prevent the Orlando shooting, because the shooter was born in America. So unless Trump is calling for a ban on Muslims existing in the United States, then what he is proposing has no relationship to the tragedy he is trying to capitalize on for political gain, and he is every bit as much of a lying ghoul as the Democrats who are using this tragedy to push BS gun control measures.

Let’s also go ahead and acknowledge that another favorite line of conservative talk radio is mostly BS, and that is the line about the supposed relationship between securing the southern border and preventing terrorist attacks. Trump also hit upon this in his much-anticipated speech today. The reality is that no terrorism happens via terrorists who go first into Mexico, then cross the southern border into the United States. This is the most inefficient possible way for terrorists to get here, which is why no major terror attack has been perpetrated in the United States by someone who came to the country this way.

There are problems with our immigration system that need to be dealt with that do have a reasonable relationship to stopping terror attacks: student visa and work visa overstays, spouse/fiancee visas, etc. That is how terrorists are getting into America. And there are independently reasons why a wall is at least potentially a good idea. However, stop pretending like it’s a legitimate point that stopping immigration on the Southern border is reasonably related to the fight against Islamic terror, because at least to this point, it is not.