Trump Surrogate: Trump Isn't a Racist, He Just Lives in the Real World Where Mexicans Can't be Fair to White People

This is definitely the most bizarre explanation I’ve ever heard anyone give for why someone is NOT a racist. Top Trump New York surrogate and bona fide crazy person Carl Paladino was on Carol Costello this morning, and offered this jaw-dropping explanation for why, in his mind, Trump is NOT a racist:

Costello: Erick Erickson, he’s a conservative blogger, he’s an anti-Trump conservative, he does not like the media, either. But he wrote this this morning of Donald Trump and his continued attacks on Judge Curiel: “So the party of Lincoln will entertain a racist as its leader in the name of winning? What good does it profit a party to win the White House and lose its soul? Because the odds are the party will not win the White House and will forfeit future victories as it sees Hispanic voters, black voters, and a solid number of Evangelicals flee the party of racists.” What would you say to Erick Erickson?

Paladino: Erick Erickson just likes to use the term “racist.” (Ed. note – LOL). Trump is not a racist, by far he is not a racist. This is incredible that you want to pull this word out and use it, because it always pushes back on the white guy. That’s not fair. And it’s not a fair description of Donald Trump. Donald Trump might have some anxiety about this particular judge because he lives in the same real world that I do, where this type of thing does go on, where ethnicity means something.

Oh, got it. So Trump isn’t a racist, he just knows that he can’t get a fair hearing from this judge because he knows that race means something. Thanks for clearing that up.

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