Here's the REAL Reason Trump was Furious at the Media Today

Donald Trump is just the most disgusting and despicable person to ever get even reasonably close to the White House, and it isn’t even close. The spectacle of his asinine press conference, at which he acted like a petulant three year old child who called the media names for daring to attempt to verify boasts about his alleged charity to veterans that he repeatedly made in public really just confirms that, as a human being, Trump deserves to lose even to Hillary Clinton.


The media has dug into Trump’s alleged disbursement of $5.6M to veterans charities, and you won’t believe what they found:


He sent it THAT DAY.

Let’s review the bidding: Trump chickened out of a televised debate because he was scared of Megyn Kelly. He loudly announced, as an effort to hurt the television ratings of the other candidates, that he was going to hold a simultaneous rally to benefit veterans. During the course of this rally, he boasted that they had raised $6M for veterans groups, and that he had donated $1M of his own money.

Now keep in mind, no one asked Donald Trump to do any of this. No one asked him to do a rally that was ostensibly for the benefit of vets, no one asked him to donate his own money, no one asked him, how much are you going to raise. He boasted of all these things of his own accord, and did so repeatedly, in a shameless and naked ploy to get votes. It was his own campaign that engaged in serial dishonesty and goalpost shifting about what had happened to the money and specifically what became of the $1M of Trump’s own money that he allegedly donated. This all came about because of Trump’s incessant bragging (which he did on television, repeatedly) and his specific and transparent attempt to get people to watch his “veterans” rally on television instead of the Fox News debate.


Which is why it was so stomach-turning to see Trump pull his offensive bull***t routine today where he repeatedly said that he “didn’t want any credit” for giving to vets and wanted to do it “in private.” Trump invited this scrutiny on himself by being a loudmouth braggart about how great he is for veterans and veterans groups, and he is mad at the media for forcing him to actually do what he bragged that he’d already done.

Make no mistake: if Fahrenthold and the WaPo had not continually pressured Trump’s campaign for months about this, almost none of the groups Trump boasted about giving to today would have gotten a red cent. Definitely, Trump would never have given a penny of his own money, as he promised he had already done back in January.

If you did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, a few things ought to be clear to you by now: 1) Trump, who boasts about being worth “billions” and one of the wealthiest men in the world, wanted very much to claim credit for having given $1M of his own money to vets. 2) On the other hand, Trump had no intention of actually parting with any of this money. 3) He and his campaign repeatedly lied about what happened with the money and told the press information that was not true. 4) Only repeated hounding by the same press finally shamed Trump into donating his own money, and into reaching out to his new donors to make up the shortfall between what he promised and what he had actually given. 5) The fact that Trump had to actually donate his own money is the real reason that he was frothing-at-the-mouth pissed off at the press today.


I just don’t know what else you are supposed to call someone who clearly had the intent of claiming false credit for donating to veterans charities, other than an absolute scumbag. Just to be clear, Trump can either donate to charities or not, and no one has the right to say anything about it; it’s his money after all. But for him to take political credit for being some kind of philanthropist with a group that really is mistreated by the government, without any intent of following through… that’s inexcusable.

People all the time lament the fact that if people like me don’t vote for Trump, then Hillary will win. What they don’t offer is any reason why Trump isn’t just as despicable as she is, if not worse.


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