Obama Takes Thinly Veiled Pot Shots at Sanders during Asia Press Conference

Via Realtimepolitics, President Obama gave a press conference during his Asia trip this morning, and he was asked for his opinion on the increasingly contentious Democratic primary. Obama has been about as neutral as one can possibly be throughout this process even though Clinton is his former Secretary of State, and for good reason: he doesn’t need to give Sanders more ammo to say that the establishment is conspiring against him.


Still, Obama couldn’t help but repeatedly refer to the tone of the Democratic primary as “grumpy,” which… who could that possibly refer to?

President Obama Grumpy by DailyPolitics

He also suggested that Bernie’s repeated attacks on Clinton for not releasing transcripts of her paid speeches to Wall Street was just an example of Bernie saying whatever he needed to say to get votes.

President Obama Bernie saying whatever he… by DailyPolitics


Obama’s left himself enough wiggle room to be officially neutral here, but it seems that he also clearly understands the damage that Sanders’ scorched earth campaign is doing to Hillary’s chances right now. What he’s not understanding is that Bernie might honestly not care.


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