Marco Rubio Proves that Trump was Right About Him

Well, if anyone had any hopes that Rubio would at the very least not spend his remaining few months boosting Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Presidency, it looks like you can let go of those. I haven’t seen any video of this or anything yet, so hey, maybe this is made up, but I kind of doubt it. (UPDATE: CNN has the video, which you can see for yourself here.)



Marco Rubio – along with Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal – did not just oppose Donald Trump on the campaign trail. He called him a con man. He called him unfit for the office. He said there was no difference between him and Hillary Clinton. He strongly implied that Trump was mentally unbalanced. He attacked him as being totally ignorant on basic policy questions and said he was a bigger narcissist than even Barack Obama.

Now look, not everyone who opposed Trump said these things about him. But Marco Rubio did. And anyone who actually believed these things about another person would not find it either morally acceptable or responsible to lend their voice and influence towards trying to get that person elected to the office of President of the most powerful nation on earth. I get that Rubio doesn’t want to spend the last few months of his public life involved in a jihad against Trump, but the things Rubio said – repeatedly – were totally incompatible with the idea of actively supporting Trump in the general.


There are going to be a lot of people who opposed Trump in the primary who are going to be able to get away with supporting him in the general with a straight face. Marco Rubio is not one of them.

Donald Trump, for his part, called Marco Rubio “Little Marco” – a man of no substance and no principle who would say anything to get elected. He attacked him as a choker (or chocker, if you prefer) and a lightweight (or leightweight). Another one of the politicians who was all talk, talk, talk and no action.

Marco Rubio was right about Donald Trump.

Which now means that Donald Trump was also right about Marco Rubio.


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