Trump Super PAC is Still Running Against the "Republican Establishment" (against Hillary? Not so much.)

Good grief. Trump is already the presumptive nominee and almost every member of Congress and the Senate is going to line up behind him. He has no more Republicans left to beat. It doesn’t even look like he will face a meaningful third party challenge from the right. He has signed a joint fundraising agreement with the RNC.


Here, then, is the latest fundraising pitch from Great America PAC, the Ed Rollins-led Super PAC that is right now the largest pro-Trump Super PAC in America:

I read through this entire email and found no mention of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Democrats. On the other hand, the email did criticize by name Bill Kristol, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and George H. W. Bush as well as the “Republican Establishment.”

People keep saying to me that if I don’t support Trump, I am basically standing aside to let Hillary win. I guess my question for those people is, when are Donald Trump and his allies going to stop standing aside to let the Democrats win just so they can fundraise off of Trump’s idiot supporters by bashing the GOP?



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