New Fox News National Poll: Hillary is in Trouble vs. Trump

We obviously have to include all the normal caveats about polling in general this election cycle, and about national polls this early in the election cycle. With that out of the way, a new Fox News poll released today shows that Trump is actually leading Hillary Clinton 45-42 in a head to head matchup.


For whatever reason, Fox News also polled Bernie Sanders v. Trump, and Sanders leads Trump by 4, but that is irrelevant because Sanders has as much chance to be the Democrat nominee as Ted Cruz does to be the Republican nominee.

Significantly, Hillary Clinton has actually passed Donald Trump for “most hated Presidential candidate” – which is big news, if true. While Trump was running away with this title for months, Clinton is now in the lead with 61% of voters viewing her unfavorably as compared to 56% for Trump. What’s driving this is that men hate Clinton (-44%) than women hate Trump (-30%).

You know, I’ve long said that Donald Trump was basically a heaven sent gift for Hillary Clinton because he is literally the only Republican candidate on earth that she has a chance of beating. Likewise, though, Hillary Clinton is a gift for Donald Trump because she is the only Democrat on earth he has a chance of beating.

If this trend continues, true #NeverTrump folks will increasingly have to consider abandoning the luxury of voting third party.



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