Trump Spox Claims Trump WILL Release Tax Returns Before the Election (VIDEO)

In this video clip, you are going to see an official Donald Trump spokescritter make two claims that have been directly and vehemently refuted by Donald Trump himself. The first is that he is going to release his tax returns before the election. The second is that he will not seek to be repaid for the $36M loan he gave to his primary campaign.


Let’s just establish this right now – there is zero chance that this spokescritter is right. None. Trump has gone so firmly on the record against releasing his tax returns at this point that he is not going back. And he also has signed an agreement with the RNC allowing him to be repaid with the money the RNC is raising on his behalf.

What’s interesting is not that she’s wrong, what’s interesting is that she seems to have no clue that what she’s saying is directly contradicting her own boss’s very public pronouncements on the matter. Anyone who follows politics even a little bit knows that Trump has clearly stated, I am not releasing my tax returns, the end. You can absolutely tell that this woman does not know that.

And Trump sent her out there, on purpose, to speak on his behalf.

Top. Men.

You can see the rest of this interview, which features our own Ben Howe, here:




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