LOL: Trump "Very Dissatisfied" with VP Options

According to U.S. News and World Report, who allegedly got this information from someone in the Trump campaign, Trump is “very dissatisfied” with the VP options who are currently on his short list. Oh well, at least now Trump knows how the rest of the country feels about having to choose between him and Hillary Clinton as President.


Of course, if the rumors are true about who’s currently on the short list, it’s no secret why Trump is openly miffed about his available options. One of the people who is allegedly at the very top of the list is Jan Brewer. Here is Jan Brewer the last time she had to debate.

Note: Brewer wasn’t even being asked a question. That’s how she opened the debate. Nor was this the only time Brewer has displayed her less-than-stellar intellect. Of course, you would expect that with a Trump endorser.

Sarah Palin, who is also rumored to be on the list, is a walking disaster with a personal life that’s messier than Trump’s Nikki Haley said things during the primary that will be difficult to take back. Newt Gingrich is the pudgy kid standing at the end of the line with his hand eagerly thrust in the air, hoping to be picked, but nobody wants Newt around anymore, not even the voters of his own district.

Meanwhile, no person who ever has a desire to run for office anywhere ever again is going to go near this trainwreck and have their name associated with Trump forever.



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