Bernie's Campaign Manager Accuses DNC Chair of Torpedoing Sanders' Campaign for "Personal Reasons"

If you can’t believe that the country is really about to be forced to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for President, you can at least sit back and grab some popcorn and enjoy the show while the country goes up in flames.


For instance, as much as the Republican party is in disarray, the Democrats aren’t having it any better, as the unexpected strength and resiliency of the Bernie Sanders campaign has thrown their entire 2016 plan into chaos. Via the Washington Free Beacon, the situation ratcheted up a notch today when Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver accused DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz of trying to torpedo Bernie’s campaign because of a personal vendetta against Sanders.

This is not the kind of thing you say if you have any interest in your supporters reconciling with the eventual Democratic nominee (which will definitely be Hillary). This is “burn it to the ground, vote Trump in the general” rhetoric and it is coming from Bernie Sanders’ right hand man.

The next six months might be depressing, but they’re also going to be entertaining.



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