Poll: Trump Supporters More Likely to Self-Identify as Racist

This is not exactly news to anyone who has spent more than about five minutes on Facebook or Twitter in the last year, but Trump’s supporters are more likely to self-identify as racist, and a new poll proves it. Now, this is not a matter of saying, they say and think things that most reasonable people would agree are racist, this is a matter of saying they flat out told the pollster that they like white people way more than they like Hispanics or black people.


The basic methodology of the poll was just to ask respondents to rate their feelings about certain groups of people on a scale from 0 (very cold) to 100 (very warm):

The dataset includes a series of feeling thermometer questions, which ask respondents to place various groups and political figures on a scale from 100 (Very warm or favorable feeling) to 0 (Very cold or unfavorable feeling)….Trump supporters are more likely than supporters of other Republican candidates to have negative feelings towards feminists, Muslims, Latinos, Gays and Lesbians, and Transgender people. In contrast, Trump supporters have far warmer feelings towards whites than supporters of other candidates.

Overall, Trump supporters on average responded that they felt 75% warm or positive about whites (as opposed to 70% for all respondents), but only 60% warm about blacks (as opposed to 68% for other Republicans and 67% of all respondents total) and only 55% warm about Hispanics (as opposed to 69% of other Republicans and 67% overall). Here’s the full survey results:


Listen, we can argue all day about what’s racist, what isn’t, but “I like whites more than blacks and a lot more than Hispanics” is 100% the dictionary definition of racist. If that’s not racist, then there is no such thing as racist. And the fact that these people are willing to say it out loud pretty much hammers the point home with emphasis: they are racist and proud.

Anyway, good luck making peace with these people, GOP. I’m sure no harm will come to the party from it.



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