Paul Ryan: Don't Expect a Trump Endorsement Any Time Soon (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan met with the press in his home state of Wisconsin yesterday, and so naturally the subject of Donald Trump came up. Ryan answered the question regarding his possible endorsement of Trump in the most political way possible, but he was clear that the press should not expect an endorsement to come any time soon.


Although I do expect that an endorsement will come at some point, Ryan was clear that he’s going to make Trump work for it. Watch:

Rough transcript follows:

Ryan: As you know, I had a long meeting with Donald Trump – I, and our party leaders in the House had a long meeting with Donald Trump on Thursday. I thought it was a very productive meeting, it was really the first meeting that we’ve had other than a phone call in March, and so we are beginning the process of discussing what unity looks like in the Republican party. As I said before, this takes some time. This isn’t done with a couple of meetings. This takes some time. Our teams are meeting next week to go over the deeper meaning of the policies we’ve been talking about which come from the principles that we universally share as Republicans. I think there’s some issues that we wanted to talk about, principles that we wanted to talk about, that we did discuss, and the kind of campaign that we want to see going forward.

It is no secret that Donald Trump and I have had some disagreements. It’s no secret that we have clashed from time to time on an issue or two. That happens with people, that happens with Republicans. The question is, can we put together a process that really actually helps get our party unified so that we’re at full strength in the fall, and based on the meetings that we had on Thursday, I’m encouraged with the beginning of this process.


As I’ve said repeatedly, I would be stunned if anything happened in the end other than a Ryan endorsement of Trump, but it’s good to see him at least make Trump jump through a couple more hoops.



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