Trump Claims Responsibility for Budweiser Name Change

Apparently, Budweiser is going to change the label on their crappy beer to say “America” this summer instead of “Budweiser.” I don’t really know what prompted this name change other than the kind of schlocky appeal to patriotism that Budweiser specializes in, but you can bet that Donald Trump has another theory:


Making an appearance on Fox and Friends, the presumptive 2016 Republican presidential nomineewas asked if he thought his slogan “Make America Great Again” had something to do with the name change, according to The Hill.

“I think so, they’re so impressed with what our country will become that they decided to do this before the fact,” Trump told Fox and Friends over the phone.

Add this to the lengthy list of things Trump has claimed credit for that he had absolutely nothing to do with, including the release of Jason Rezaian, the popularity of Bernie Sanders among Democrats, and basically anything newsworthy that happens anywhere in America.

If I were a reporter for a major news outlet, I would at this point engage in a nonstop trolling campaign of Donald Trump that would be guaranteed to work and also generate nonstop news. First, I would ask him if he believes there’s any conspiracy theory that he thinks isn’t true – does he think Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster? Is the world really run by the Bildebergers? And so on and so on.


Then, I would just ask him if he thinks his campaign is responsible for any positive phenomenon that is going on in America. The Cubs’ current season, Stephen Curry’s shooting stroke, whatever. I’m curious if there’s anything he would answer “no” to?


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