Trump Opens Nebraska Rally by Trashing Republicans, Staying Mum on Hillary (VIDEO)

Just now, Donald Trump held a rally in Nebraska, one of the first he’s held after becoming the GOP nominee for President. After some perfunctory remarks demagoguing China, Trump immediately lit into an uninterrupted tirade against his fellow Republicans who are not supporting him for President, trashing them in the most thorough way.


At no point in the 20+ minutes of this speech that I watched did he ever even mention Hillary Clinton.

For a guy who has proclaimed “we’re gonna have unity,” Trump has zero interest in doing anything to actually create unity at all in the party. Tearing down Republicans seems to be more or less the only thing he even knows how to do. It’s definitely the only thing he shows an interest in doing.

For all the Herman Cains and Mike Huckabees of the world who are busy trying to tell everyone to shut up and get behind Trump because he’s the Republican nominee for President and it’s important to beat Hillary, I have a question: When will Trump shut up and get behind the Republican party and actually start trying to beat Hillary? For now all he’s doing is insulting people he’s already beaten.

Which seems, to me, like a poor way to build all that awesome unity that he’s promised.



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