Ted Cruz is Right: The Media IS Selecting Trump. Here is Proof.

Caricature by DonkeyHotey flic.kr/p/Ct4G4K

Earlier this week, Chuck Todd laughed off the suggestion, raised by Ted Cruz, that the media was picking the Republican candidate. The folks at the Media Research Center have done a study which proves that they are certainly helping.


The media’s excuse for this is that Trump is the frontrunner. but that excuse doesn’t hold water. An analysis of the coverage they have given Bernie Sanders, versus the coverage they have given Ted Cruz, proves it.

By all accounts, the Republican race has been more competitive than the Democratic race, which is all but technically over. In fact, if Cruz wins Indiana today, we are likely heading for that exact result. By way of contrast, Bernie Sanders has already begun massive layoffs and has started acknowledging that his campaign is doomed.

However, the media has been giving Bernie Sanders almost as much coverage as Hillary Clinton – meanwhile, they have given Trump three times as much coverage as Ted Cruz.

There’s no objective journalistic excuse for this disparity in coverage. This is all about ratings and money for the networks. They have intentionally propped Trump up because he is good for their business.


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