The Media is Playing Mouth of Sauron for Trump

If you’ll forgive me, I’m going to nerd out for a bit. I never really got into comic books or anything, but I love Tolkien and have read all of the Lord of the Rings books several times. The Hobbit was the first book I genuinely fell in love with as a kid.


Anyway, there’s this scene in The Return of the King that got cut from the movie version (I know, it’s impossible to believe that anything was cut from that interminable movie). In it, the humans have won the battle of Minas Tirith, but they realize that Sauron has a basically limitless army to throw at them and that next time Minas Tirith will fall. So they decide to throw themselves directly at the Black Gate of Mordor in what they know is likely a suicide mission in order to distract the attention of Sauron so that Frodo and Sam will have a better chance to destroy the ring.

So Saruon’s forces, who outnumber the forces of men like a thousand to one, ride out of the black gate to meet King Aragorn, and Sauron realizes that he’ll have an even easier time on his hands if he just demoralizes men first. So he sends his spokesman, the Mouth of Sauron, out to parley with Aragorn. The Mouth of Sauron tells the last forces of men that Frodo and Sam have already been killed, their mission is pointless, they should just surrender to Saruon and plead for mercy.

That’s exactly what the media is doing right now. They are trying to paint the picture, based on one bogus poll, that it’s all over in Indiana, and the forces of Trump have already won. I literally had a reporter email me asking for a quote this afternoon, asking if I thought Ted Cruz was losing Indiana because the establishment betrayed him or because the voters betrayed him. I said I rejected the premise of the question and how could he even possibly be writing a story about this, as bad as the polling has been generally in this election, and especially in light of the fact that just two days ago, a poll showed Cruz with a huge lead? I didn’t hear back.


The media is trying to demoralize the anti-Trump forces right now by declaring this race already over. They are trying to sell the narrative that those who are aligned against the forces of evil (and yes, Trump is evil) have already lost, and we should all just lay down our arms and pray for mercy.

Not going to happen. Indiana is still very much in play and I believe Ted Cruz will win. Even if he does not, I won’t be nearly done fighting Trump. His message is not what America stands for – at least not the America I believe in. Even if he’s successfully destroyed my party, he won’t destroy my country, that much I am sure of.

The idea that Donald Trump has already won this election is a lie – a lie that is told for the specific purpose of demoralizing the anti-Trump forces. If you live in Indiana, don’t believe the lie tomorrow.


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