I'm Proud to Endorse Dr. Hunter Baker for Congress in TN-8

It is my very great pleasure to announce my endorsement of my good friend Dr. Hunter Baker, who is running to fill the vacant seat in Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District.


I have known Hunter for the better part of a decade, and he is one of the staunchest, full-spectrum conservatives I know. Hunter is proudly pro-life, in favor of smaller government and lower taxes, and for a robust national defense. But more importantly, he is one of the highest character men that I’ve ever known, which means that when he gets to Washington, he will be incorruptible by the trappings of power.

How much of a staunch conservative is Hunter Baker? Well, he used to be a front pager here at RedState, before he went on to bigger and better things. That should tell you all you need to know.

Speaking of those bigger and better things, Dr. Baker has been very busy since moving on from RedState, occupying faculty leadership positions at both Houston Baptist University and Union University in Jackson, TN. He has written three of the best books of the last decade on the intersection of religion and politics.


He is also, I should note, a much better golfer than I am. Plus, his name (Doctor Hunter Baker) is three different occupations, none of which he has ever held. Which is pretty amazing.

In all seriousness, I can think of no one who could even possibly be better suited to represent the good people of Tennessee’s 8th district than Hunter Baker. I am happy to enthusiastically endorse him and encourage all of you to visit his page and send a donation his way.


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