Biden: Raising Taxes on Hedge Funds is like "Liberating [Nazi] Death Camps."

I hardly even know what to say about this. I guess with Donald Trump being in the news so much lately, everyone is developing a massively over inflated sense of their own self importance. Via Phil Kerpen, Joe Biden was recently asked about the Obama administration’s attempt to tax “carried interest” as regular income, which would have the effect of raising taxes.

As an admittedly over-the-top way of describing the effect of Obama’s policy as a camel’s nose under the tent, a Wall Street guy said that what Obama was doing was like Hitler invading Poland. Biden was asked to comment on this and decided to take the inappropriate World War II analogies to eleven:

HARWOOD: You guys have tried consistently through the administration to tax what they call carried interest as ordinary income. When you started doing that, a big Wall Street guy, Steve Schwarzman, said the Obama administration’s like Hitler invading Poland. How do you react to criticism like that? And I would note: You guys haven’t been able to get it done.

BIDEN: I’d say it’s like us liberating death camps. The truth of the matter is, there’s no justification for a hedge fund paying at 15-17 percent. There’s just no justification.

What do you even say to this? I mean, on the one hand, people were tortured, starved to death, executed and dumped in mass graves, but on the other hand, some people weren’t paying enough in taxes, according to Joe Biden. So, basically the two things are equivalent.

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