Donald Trump's 2009 Multi-Level Marketing Scam Blasted by CBS

Via the Right Scoop, CBS News ran a report this morning on yet another one of Trump’s scam companies – a multi-level marketing company that sold nutritional supplements. As you might have predicted, thousands of people were left holding the bag for a huge tab:

It’s acutally been a long time since Trump was really in the business of real estate. For a very long time now, the main thing Donald Trump has done has been to license his name for use by companies who are marketing to easy marks – like Trump University, or the Trump Network, or whoever. Trump’s involvement in these companies has been little or none.

All he does is cut a commercial where he promises people that the product is fool proof and cannot lose, and lends his credibility as an allegedly successful person to the product. Then he lets the company slap his name on the product for a fee. Most of these companies are just scams in search of marks; just exactly the sort of person who might find the endorsement of Donald Trump to be a compelling selling point.

At the end of the day, people get left holding the bag and they go back to Trump and ask how this foolproof plan could have gone wrong. Then they learn that the great Donald Trump really hasn’t had anything to do with the company they thought he was operating. Rinse, repeat.

Kind of a perfect metaphor for how he’s running his campaign, really.

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