Over Sixty Percent of Trump's Twitter Followers are Fake or Inactive

One of the things that Trump likes to brag about is how much influence he has on Twitter and Facebook, and the number one metric that he always references is the number of Twitter followers and Facebook fans that he has. The Washington Free Beacon has done an analysis and found that over 64% of Trump’s twitter followers are either outright fake or have been inactive for over six months:


Sixty-four percent of Donald Trump’s 7.51 million Twitter followers have not been in use for at least the past six months, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

Additionally, using StatusPeople.com’s Twitter analysis app, Faker, which analyzes the quality of a user’s Twitter following, theFree Beacon found that as of April 9, just over half a million (525,700, or 7 percent) of Trump’s followers were considered “fake.”

If not for the media’s fascination with Trump’s Twitter usage, much of what he posts would fall on deaf ears. Only 2.2 million of his followers were found to be legitimate active accounts.


Remember when Trump was announcing his candidacy and he paid people $50 a head to show up so it looked like he had a much bigger crowd than he actually had? He’s still doing that, just on twitter.


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