The Battle to Save America Begins, Once Again, in Wisconsin

Back in 2010, America was struggling with a financial crisis it could not resolve and state budgets were creaking under its load. States were unable to meet their obligations and the budgetary outlook for the future was even more bleak. For the sake of the long-term health of the country, something had to be done.


You know the rest of the story. Scott Walker grabbed the third rail of state politics – public sector unions – and held on for dear life. He directly challenged one of the most well-organized lobbies in America and defied conventional wisdom about how to cut budgets. The left responded with a furious attempt to cut his term short and recall him, and millions of dollars in union money poured in. However, they were unable to topple Walker or his reforms, which became a blueprint for many states across the nation. Now, states have a blueprint for how to take on the bloated public sector unions and win, in order to save their own budgets.

Make no mistake; nothing less than the future of this country is at stake in the current Republican primary. If Donald Trump is nominated, not only will he lose, but he will take the Senate and House majorities down with him. Hillary Clinton will face literally no opposition to anything she wants to do for at least two years. After seeing what Obama has tried to accomplish even though he hasn’t controlled either chamber for the last two years, that should send chills down your spine.

And oh yeah, Hillary Clinton will get to nominate Scalia’s replacement and there won’t be a Republican majority to stop her from nominating the worst liberal ideologue she can find.

The tide is turning on Donald Trump, and the antics of his campaign over the last week demonstrate that they know they are a long way from reaching the 1,237 delegate threshold. The only question right now is whether it is all too late. Some of the states that are ahead on the nominating calendar – like New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island – are presumably very good territory for Trump. If Trump is going to be stopped from reaching the 1,237 threshold, it has to start next Tuesday in Wisconsin. He has to have his nose bloodied there by Cruz – and possibly also by Kasich.


Scott Walker’s endorsement of Cruz today, while important in and of itself, signals that in addition to his own campaign organization, Cruz will likely get help from the state GOP’s formidable election organizations – even if it’s just in the form of expertise. This all adds up to an excellent opportunity to crush Trump in what will be the only electoral contest within a 4 week period. That will help solidify the narrative that Trump is sliding and once again give voters a chance to reconsider what the Trump trainwreck would do to the country.

The fight to save America is on, and once again Wisconsin is ground zero.


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