Jeff Sessions' Aide Looks Like an Idiot Trying to Defend Trump

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Jeff Sessions, but I understand that many people are, or at least were until recently. Like Chris Christie and every other previously sort of respectable person who has come to the aid of Trump, Sessions has been made to look like an absolute fool in the process. Every Republican Senator and governor who is up for election in 2016 should take note of how embarrassing it is to stand up for the things Trump says and does.


The latest victim is Jeff Sessions aide Stephen Miller, who went on CNN and was tasked with defending Trump’s asinine behavior in tweeting an unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz. Credit where credit is due to CNN, by the way – while multiple Fox News personalities have repeated the completely false assertion that the PAC responsible for the ad was a “pro-Cruz” PAC, CNN’s Kate Bolduan at least is having none of that crap.

Watch Miller have to retreat behind the lamest talking point ever, that Cruz should have to call on a PAC that isn’t even supporting him to “stand down,” whatever that means.

I don’t know if this Stephen Miller has always been a smarmy git or if defending Trump has made him that way, since I’ve never seen him before. It’s entirely possible he had the world’s most punchable face this side of Jay Cutler well before Donald Trump ever came along. Maybe his voice has always sounded like a lecturing turtle that’s devoid of manners or good taste but wants to tell you what your problems are anyway.


Either way, this performance was an absolute embarrassment to Sessions, if we assume he is still capable of being embarrassed by the actions of the man he’s endorsed. And it doesn’t speak particularly well of Sessions that he employs him either.


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