Donald Trump Finds the Concept of "Majority Rules" to be "Unfair"

Donald Trump is one of the whiniest people on the face of the earth. Seriously, most toddler have better control over their urge to petulantly declare everything that goes against them to be “unfair” than Donald Trump does.

The latest unfair thing that is ruining Donald Trump’s good time is the concept of “majority rules.” Specifically, the GOP rule, set out long before Donald Trump even announced that he was going to run requiring the nominee to get 1,237 delegates (or, a majority) on the first ballot, or face a contested convention. According to Trump, this is “unfair”:

Asked by George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” why he should be “guaranteed the nomination” if he failed to amass the 1,237 delegates needed to win it on the first ballot, Mr. Trump said that he might be unable to clear that threshold. But he blamed the number of contenders in the Republican field.

“If I’m a little bit short – and one of the reasons was we had so many candidates,” he said. “I mean, we started off with 17 candidates.”

He added: “There are so many candidates, so it’s very hard to get over that number. It’s very unfair.”

Of course, no one has taken advantage of the crowded field more than Trump has. If anyone should be complaining about the “unfairness” of the process, it should be the other candidates in the field, including those who have dropped out. Trump has been the beneficiary of a set of GOP rules that were specifically designed to ensure an easy path to the nomination for the early frontrunner (who, it was assumed, would likely be Jeb Bush).

Thus, although Trump has only received 37% of the popular vote cast thus far, he has received 47% of the delegates allocated. That, to me, seems “unfair,” but you don’t hear Ted Cruz whining into his Juicy Juice straw about it. If Donald Trump can’t get 50% of the delegates in spite of the fact that the system has been rigged to favor candidates who win a bare plurality, then he really ought to do some serious soul searching about how he could have run like a front runner instead of insulting his way into a solid 35% share of the Republican vote.

The RNC isn’t to blame for the fact that 60% of the party stubbornly refuses to vote for Donald Trump: Donald Trump is.

Ironically, whether Trump gets to 1,237 or not will likely come down to California, where he is depending on everyone’s least favorite dopey fake nice uncle John Kasich to help him win there with a bare plurality. If Kasich is still pulling his idiotic routine by late June, Trump will be thanking his stars for the “unfair” rules that will allow him to get 172 delegates by beating Ted Cruz by 3% in California. At the end of the day, Trump might well get 50% of the delegates in spite of not getting over 40% of the votes cast.

So yeah, the RNC rules are unfair, a bit, but they’re unfair in favor of Donald Trump. Trump would do himself a favor by shutting his whiny mouth and actually learning something about foreign policy, for example, if he wants to help his chances.

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