The Media is Now Actively Giving a Junkie Heroin

John Kasich has absolutely no shot at winning the Republican nomination. He’s got less delegates than Marco Rubio, who quit earlier this week. He’s been mathematically eliminated from reaching 1,237 and we are barely halfway through the primary. The voters have spoken, and almost none of them want President Kasich. Probably the only reason he won his own home state is that people did not want Donald Trump to win it.


Kasich, however, is clinging to an insane delusion that he can wrest the nomination away at a contested convention. The idea that he either will be able to or should be able to secure the nomination when he has finished dead last in the majority of the 27 states that have voted thus far is, quite frankly, an insult to the intelligence of the American public, and is a delusion that should not be encouraged. This belief that Kasich has that he can win, when he clearly cannot, is like his own personal version of heroin.

Now the media is walking by, seeing John Kasich leaning against a wall with a tourniquet on his arm and a glassy stare in his eye, and throwing him a bunch more heroin to use. Politico has a ridiculous story this morning titled: “Insiders: Kasich could win a contested convention.”

In the event of a contested Republican convention this summer, John Kasich is the candidate most acceptable to GOP delegates.

That’s according to members of The POLITICO Caucus – a panel of political insiders in seven battleground states – who said Kasich would be the most palatable of the three remaining Republican presidential candidates in a contested convention, despite the fact the Ohio governor is last in delegates and the only one mathematically eliminated from clinching a majority before the July convention.

The verdict was hardly unanimous: Only a 45-percent plurality of GOP insiders said Kasich was most acceptable, with the others divided between Ted Cruz (33 percent) and Donald Trump (22 percent).



This kind of crap is going to just enable John Kasich to continue his junkie stumble through the Republican primary, handing the whole thing to Donald Trump along the way. Which, of course, is exactly the media’s goal. It just isn’t nice to take advantage of John Kasich’s weakness this way.


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