Well, It Took Three Whole Days for Trump to Betray Ben Carson (VIDEO)

Trump was on Face the Nation this morning with John Dickerson, and one of the subjects that came up was that Trump happily received the endorsement of Ben Carson last week in spite of the fact that he had previously called him “pathological” and compared him to a child molester. Instead of walking back any of these attacks, Trump basically said, “Hey, I’m just going off what I read in his books.” Watch.


DICKERSON: Ben Carson, who endorsed you this week, you said he was pathological and then both of you said, oh, well, that was just politics. So, you’re saying it’s just a game. But if the most serious things you say about a person are just politics, and it’s just a game, then why isn’t everything you’re saying just politics and just a game, and totally open to revision?

TRUMP: Well, that is politics. I mean, I say bad things about people, and they say bad things about me, and actually Ben wrote it in his book, I just read sections of his book. I read what Ben wrote. I’m not going to make up anything.

So basically, no, Trump doesn’t feel bad about comparing Ben Carson to a child molester. He’s just going off what Carson said in his book. You might think he’d figure out some way to walk this back a little bit, but then, if you thought that, you probably haven’t been watching Donald Trump much.

Anyway, congratulations to Ben Carson on clearly making the right choice for who to endorse.


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