Sorry Herr Trump, Even Trash Sites like Breitbart Have a Right to Report the News

I don’t think it’s a tremendous surprise that the editorial staff of this website and certain of the writers at Breitbart do not get along. I don’t think it’s worth getting into all the backstory, just suffice it to say that from my perspective, if I worked at Breitbart, I would figure out a cover story for where I drew my salary so that I didn’t have to admit that to my family and friends.


All that having been said, whatever the failings of Breitbart as a website, they are manifestly less serious than those of Charlie Hebdo, which is the European magazine equivalent of Gawker mixed with juvenile and deliberately offensive porn, and I supported strongly the idea that the people who shot up the Charlie Hebdo offices should have been hanged in the public square. Posthumously, if necessary.

Therefore, I find Corey Lewandowski’s manhandling of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields to be unacceptable, and his campaign’s outright lying about it after the fact disqualifies him from getting my vote, ever. I believe that because when I disagree with something Breitbart says or does, I feel like the proper response is to point and laugh, make a sarcastic response on Twitter, ignore them, or write an article explaining why they do not know their elbow from their rectal canal when it comes to… whatever issue they are opining on.

Donald Trump apparently disagrees. At least, based on the fact that his campaign assaulted a female Breitbart reporter for asking Trump a question which was frankly not that tough, and are currently lying through their teeth about the whole thing.

And this is what really causes me to think that I might actually have to vote for Hillary if he gets the Republican nomination. It’s not the liberalism, it’s not the flip flopping, it’s not his manifest lack of class, preparation, knowledge of world affairs, or presidential temperament. It isn’t his messy personal life or even the way he creepily hits on his daughter on live television. I mean, all those things are relevant, but I’ve put up with similar shortcomings in nominees that I’ve enthusiastically supported before. It’s this.


See, as much as I rightfully criticize the media for being (at times) lazy, liberal, inaccurate, and distasteful, our right to say these things out loud is part and parcel of the free speech Trump wants to trample on. If Trump’s supporters cheer him for threatening and intimidating liberal outlets, why would he take seriously the idea that anyone would care if he turned his ire on Breitbart? I realize, after all, that the proper response to communication we disagree with is communication to the contrary, not abuse of power to silence it.

I believe this because I believe in freedom and liberty and the freedom to say what is on one’s mind, even to Donald Trump, is a cornerstone freedom that I will not see washed away by Trump and his slobbering, submissively urinating minions.

Trump and his campaign are so incapable of peacefully brooking dissent that they resorted to physically assaulting a reporter from Breitbart. A website that is primarily referred to as “Trumpbart” by everyone who does not actually write for Breitbart. A website that is so enmeshed in the Trump culture that they had to indefinitely suspend one of their own writers for taking Trump’s side on twitter.

Then, after having done all this, Trump’s campaign manager lied about it, and smeared the reporter in question even though her story was publicly backed by other sources.


Imagine, if you will, what President Trump might do once he is in charge of the IRS, FBI, and NSA.

And if he does it to a Breitbart reporter, imagine he might do to you if you say the wrong thing about him in public.

This man can’t be allowed to have the amount of power that he wants to have. I don’t want to have to vote for Hillary, so I sure hope something happens between now and this November so that I don’t have to conclude that doing so is the only way to stop Trump. Because if it doesn’t, I don’t know what I’m going to do.


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