Ben Carson Has Done the Country an Enormous Favor

As a movement, we haven’t always been great at separating the heroes from the hucksters. Too often, we have allowed people who got about 15 minutes of fame running for office (and usually losing) to become completely unjustified celebrities who hang around forever hawking bad books and embarrassing themselves and their followers in the process. For instance, Mike Huckabee had a show on Fox for years. Heck, there are still actual sentient beings on this planet who would buy a book produced by Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter.


Ben Carson used his Presidential “campaign” to raise this particular “scam” to an art form. Preying on the fears and trusting nature of deeply devout Christians, he managed to convince good, honest people that he was nearly infallible, and that he alone was the most sincere, nicest Christian man who ever ran for President, and that America failed themselves by failing to recognize Dr. Carson’s greatness. This guy, Ben Carson, who clearly demonstrated time and again that he didn’t know a thing about policy or conservatism, and who once openly laughed in a television interview about the idea that his campaign might have been scamming people could very well have hung on as a prominent conservative personality for decades.

Endorsing a vile, obviously secular man like Donald Trump has a nice way of cutting through all that.

Right now the Facebook page of Dr. Carson is basically overflowing with tens of thousands of comments, roughly 80% of which are former supporters of Dr. Carson who are expressing bitter disappointment in him and vowing to never again listen to anything he says. By now, all of Ben Carson’s voters have already decided who they’re going to vote for, so Carson’s endorsement won’t really help Trump.


But it will help the country, because it will help rid the conservative movement of the notion that Ben Carson is someone who should be listened to, and will further expose him as the self-interested, publicity-hound fraud that he really is.

One other thing: this tweet is perfect.



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