Flint Mayor: The Solution to our Crisis is Money

Obviously, what happened to the people of Flint, Michigan was a terrible tragedy and reflects failure of leadership up and down the line from the local to the state to the federal level. Naturally, the Democrats in charge of Flint have used the disaster to do the only thing they know to do, which is to ask for more taxpayer money – way more than is needed or required to actually mitigate the problem at hand.


The State of Michigan has already begun the process of spending $200 million from their emergency relief fund to mitigate the disaster in Flint. They have an additional budget surplus of hundreds of millions of dollars at the ready in the event that should prove to be insufficient. The Feds are on the verge of probably approving another $220 million to remediate the problem that is absolutely superfluous and not needed in this case.

The mayor of Flint – a liberal Democrat named Karen Weaver – still seems mad that not enough money is apparently flowing directly into the city’s budget.

Brianna Keillor: What would some of those solutions be? Because it does seem on the campaign trail that there’s certainly a lot of bringing awareness to the issue, but there isn’t really a lot of talk about solutions.

Weaver: Right. And the solutions are, we need some money. Um, we need money and we need to put services and supports in place for our kids and families that have been impacted by this. Those are the solutions. We’ve gotta get the money because we know Flint doesn’t have the money to deal with this crisis, and we need money from the State, and we need some money at the Federal level. We need help.


Well, at least Karen Weaver is being more honest than most in this position.


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