Sally Kohn Whistles Past the Democrat Turnout Graveyard (VIDEO)

All the coverage on CNN today has been about the overwhelming turnout on the Republican side, which has dwarfed turnout on the Democrat side, in spite of the fact that they are all closed primaries. Even the Democrat-leaners on the CNN panel were expressing concern, when Sally Kohn decided to speak up. The results were predictably hilarious.


Kohn: Well, I think that he [Trump] is growing the Democratic party, though, and I think that that’s..

Chris Cuomo, liberal Democrat: Why? You don’t see it in turnout?

Kohn: Well, these.. oh, but you didn’t see it before, and that was when people on my side sort of said, ehh, Trump can’t be the candidate, Trump can’t be the candidate, they must be more sane than that, they won’t…

Cuomo: But you’ve got red arrows going down (pointing frantically) on the Democrat side?

Kohn: I think you’re going to see record turnout days, [crosstalk]

Cuomo: For Democrats as well?

Kohn: Part of that was people turning out for Bernie, motivating new voters, but look, I certainly think you’re seeing, you know, those lines, that turnout, it’s early but it’s encouraging, but more and more as it looks like he is inevitable, I think you’re going to see more and more Democrats who may or may not have been motivated to get out, now they’re going to turn out, just to register their opposition.

Paul Begala: [stares at Kohn in open embarrassment]

That’s some high quality whistling past the graveyard, right there.


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