Donald Trump: "Leave Donald Trump Alone!"

On two different occasions, the RNC has acted to remove debate media partners who had written pieces that were critical of Trump. Once when the New Hampshire Union-Leader did so just prior to the NH debate and once when National Review published their “Against Trump” issue. No other candidate has received such kid glove treatment from the party in order to protect their precious and delicate feelings, even though many of the debate media partners have been harshly critical at times of all the other candidates.


For instance, Fox News has been at times absurdly hyper critical of Ted Cruz (including the now-infamous Bret Baier interview about Gang of 8) and about Rubio in the last couple of days. Sean Hannity has basically become the official spokesman of the Trump campaign. None of the other candidates have gone whining to their daddy at the RNC about it, and the RNC hasn’t tried to get people kicked off of debate panels for it.

Nonetheless, here we go again with the tiresome prepubescent teenager who is currently leading our Republican primary, threatening to leave and run independent if people don’t start being so goshdarn “unfair” to him:

Donald Trump said Thursday he is being treated unfairly by the Republican establishment and may run as an independent.

“I am watching television and I am seeing ad after ad after ad put in by the establishment knocking the hell out of me, and it’s really unfair,” Trump said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “But if I leave, if I go, regardless of independent, which I may do — I mean, may or may not. But if I go, I will tell you, these millions of people that joined, they’re all coming with me.”

Trump signed a loyalty pledge with the Republican National Committee last fall promising to support the eventual nominee. But the party has no legal authority to bar Trump from a third-party run. “I signed a letter with the RNC and I said, you know, I wanna do this as a Republican — the pledges, they call it,” he said in Thursday’s interview. “But I’m not being treated the right way. I am not being treated properly.”


All I have to say in response to this is: Good. Get out. You’re going to find pretty much immediately that you’re not going to be able to make ballot access in a whole ton of states since you’ve placed yourself on the ballot as a Republican in the primary, but best of luck anyway. If you win the nomination, we’re going to lose to Hillary. If you lose the nomination and bolt, we might still lose to Hillary but at least we won’t have to say that we had a racist-embracing ignoramus like yourself as the nominee.


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