Ben Carson is STILL Scamming His Supporters

Ben Carson has admitted that he has no path to victory. He’s basically suspending his campaign operations. He’s taken himself out of the debate. He’s not going to be going out and doing any actual campaigning. But he is not suspending his campaign. And what that means is that his campaign is even more of a scam than it was before.


From Carson’s own statement:


“I do not see a political path forward in light of last evening’s Super Tuesday primary results,” the Wednesday statement said. “However, this grassroots movement on behalf of ‘We the People’ will continue. Along with millions of patriots who have supported my campaign for President, I remain committed to Saving America for Future Generations.”

From Armstrong Williams:

Ben Carson isn’t going to quit his GOP presidential bid, though “there is no pathway” and despite getting offers for “many deals,” according to friend and adviser Armstrong Williams.

* * *

“He has no interest in doing that . . . That’s politics, and he’s not a politician,” Williams said.

* * *

“He’s not in this cycle to do anybody any favors,” Williams said. “It’s not about a pathway to him. There is no pathway. It’s about his constituency and his base telling him to stay in the race.”

Let me break this down for you. By law, once Ben Carson suspends his campaign, he can’t use further funds for any reason other than winding down his campaign and retiring his debt. By technically staying in the race, he gets to basically travel around the country while using campaign funds to do it.


And by putting out this ridiculous statement, he encourages his supporters, who won’t leave him no matter what, to continue contributing to and voting for him, even though he’s not going to be using that money on a legitimate campaign and even though votes cast for him are literally going to Donald Trump.

Maybe it is just me, but if Ben Carson wants to stay in the race and continue to receive contributions, he ought to, you know, be campaigning and trying to win.

Ben Carson’s campaign has been a scam for months, and now he’s not even hiding the fact that it’s a scam, and basically counting on the fact that he can continue to milk people anyway. And it will probably work.


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