And Now for a Trip Through Fantasyland with CNN Liberals

This is why the media sucks at their job. CNN host Carol Costello barely bothers to conceal the fact that she is a liberal democrat. She had a segment this morning on the Republican race for President, so she wanted to have a guest on. Instead of any one of the tens of millions of Republicans in America – any of which would have been better to talk about the state of the Republican race – she instead went to… openly liberal Democrat David Gergen.


This is a thing that would never happen in reverse. CNN is not going to have Erick Erickson on – by himself – to discuss the Democrat Super Tuesday contest. If they had him on at all, it would be one conservative against an open liberal and against an allegedly neutral person like Gloria Berger who is also a not very well-closeted liberal. But I digress.

During this segment, things went about as off the rails as you could imagine. This is what happens when you have no clue about Republicans or how they think. For context, the clip begins with Costello and Gergen discussing the attacks Democrats are sure to throw at Trump:

Gergen: How’s he going to handle these Democrats? They’re going to be coming after him.

Costello: Okay, they’re going to be coming (giggle) They’re going to be coming.. so, what will the convention look like? Because it appears by every.. Trump’s just going to win the nomination,

Gergen: Welllll….

Costello: So what happens at the Republican convention in Cleveland?

Gergen: Welllll now, get your tickets early. (chuckle)

Costello: (giggle)

Gergen: Because there’s going to be an effort to unravel this. There’s going to be an effort to take him down. The fear among a lot of Republican strategists is something will happen between now and the convention to make him unelectable. How will they take the nomination away from him at the convention?

Costello: Who will they give it to?

Gergen: Well, [stammer]

Costello: Rubio? [crosstalk]

Gergen: Well, I don’t know, I don’t know where they would go. They might go to Romney, who knows, before this is over.

Costello: You know, a good friend of mine bet on that from the get-go. He said, mark my words, it’ll be Mitt Romney, even if he’s not in the race.

Gergen: It could be. You know, you wonder, it’s been really interesting with Romney, he’s been hitting Trump, and we all thought he was going to endorse Rubio… where’s the endorsement?

Costello: [gleeful noise]

Gergen: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Costello: So, Roger, I congratulate you, you might be right on Romney, you heard it from David Gergen.



I left that first few seconds in just so that you could hear Carol Costello literally giggle at the thought of the attacks Democrats would level at Trump. There’s absolutely no other way to describe that laugh than to call it a “giggle,” sorry. And as a liberal Democrat, she is right to giggle, because it will be a slaughter. But she ought to at least not pretend to be gleeful at the thought of a general election campaign against Trump.

Second, anyone who really thinks that the Republican party has some way to unwind the will of the legally bound delegates and force them to vote for someone other than Trump (if he gets enough delegates) needs to spend a little less time around lead paint. Anyone who thinks, moreover, that there is literally any scenario in which Mitt Romney rides in on a white horse at the convention needs to spend a whole lot less time on the crack pipe.

There’s a reason people hate the media and don’t trust them, and there’s a reason Trump has been able to successfully harness that distrust into a national lead in the polls right now.


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