Watch 2016 Donald Trump Call 2011 Donald Trump an Idiot (VIDEO)

The idea that Donald Trump flip flops on everything is not news to anyone by this point. The fact that he flip flopped on Libya within a five year period doesn’t even make the top 100 list of startling things Trump has done. Heck, within the span of 20 seconds in the debate on Thursday, he said “I wouldn’t believe anything Telemundo says,” and “I’m fine with Telemundo, everything’s great.”


What’s amazing is the ignorant arrogant condescension he brings to both sides of every issue. It’s not that he takes both sides of every issue, because he does, it’s that he treats anyone who’s on the other side as an idiot who can’t see the plain obvious truth that he, as the world’s smartest person, can.

And he even does it when the people who have been on the other side of the issue are him. Watch:

This is the trademark of all con men, though. While they may not have facts or theories that make sense when you stop to think about them, they always have a neverending supply of confidence, no matter how often they are wrong.


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