Donald Trump Started His Drunk Tweeting Early this Morning

You can tell how badly things are going for Trump by how incoherent and illiterate his Twitter feed is. Based on this morning’s efforts, it appears that Trump hit the sauce starting at about 6am and hasn’t let up since. In other words, even Trump knows how badly he was hurt last night.


Someone on Trump’s social media team has been going through and cleaning up these tweets and replacing them with less drunk versions. Not to worry, we have screenshots!


Sure, sure, “Chocker” is embarrassing, but how about “Leightweight”? There’s more: I don’t know about you guys, but I read this tweet and basically hear “HODOR HODOR HODOR HODOR HODOR.” Also, the Drudge Poll is not “Every poll.” Sometimes, though, when your job is to clean up after your candidate’s drunken mess, you miss some:  

Donald, “choker” is not a very hard word to spell. I bet your iPhone even offered to correct it for you every time you typed it wrong. What gives?

Make no mistake, this is gonna leave a mark.



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