Liberal Texas State Rep Jason Villalba Drops F-Bomb on a Constituent

Liberal, pro-Obamacare Texas State representative does not handle criticism well. We covered a bit of Villalba’s sense of entitlement and inability to handle criticism earlier this week when he lost his mind at RedState in a barely coherent twitter rant for pointing out his record and support for liberal Speaker of the House Joe Straus.


Last year Villalba filed one of the dumbest, most unconstitutional bills ever to come down the pike, a bill that would have essentially made it illegal to film police. Villalba was instantly criticized from all quarters, and his initial response was to defiantly call everyone who opposed his bill – on any grounds – a cop hater. Eventually he pulled the bill when he realized that literally no one would vote for it.

Audio has just surfaced of Villalba being confronted, very politely, by one of his constituents at a public meeting. The constituent asks him what he was thinking with this bill. Villalba’s response, without even bothering to ask where the guy lived, was to say that the guy didn’t even live in his district and drop the F-bomb on him.

Take a listen (warning, as I just said, you’re about to hear an elected official drop an F-bomb on his constituent):


JV: You would be very surprised.


JV: It’s not [inaudible].


JV: Did I pull the bill?!? Did I pull the bill?!? Did I pull the bill?!?


JV: You’re not in my f**king district.

JV: You’re not in my district. Are you in my district?!?

Guy: Yeah I am.

JV: Are you going to vote for me?!?

Guy: I’m not going to vote for you.


Guy: And I don’t like my elected officials using the F word like that.

JV: Dude, you’ve never heard the F word in your life?!?

Guy: We have, but not at an event like this.



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