So Ben Carson Admitted Yesterday that his Campaign Is (Was?) a Scam (VIDEO)

This is a truly incredible video and I can’t believe it isn’t getting more attention. The only thing I can figure is that Carson’s stultifying delivery of the admission that his campaign was at least possibly operated as a fraudulent pyramid scheme – as I and many others have alleged for months – caused people to absolutely tune it out. At least the Atlantic noticed that on CNN yesterday Carson made a truly stunning admission:


HOST: You’ve had a very public campaign shakeup, you’ve replaced your campaign manager. As you sit back and look at that, has it helped you, or has it hurt the campaign?

CARSON: Uh, it has helped me tremendously. There’s no question about it. Uh, you know, we had people who really didn’t seem to understand finances, or maybe they did, maybe (chuckle) maybe they were doing it on purpose. But, uh, obviously things have improved tremendously since that time and the morale is much better. Uh, the espirit de corps, so, yes, it was a tremendous benefit to us.

What. The hell. This raises so many questions, I don’t even know where to start. So I’ll start with, “Why does Ben Carson seem to think it’s funny, or at least a matter of little import, that his campaign at least possibly bilked thousands of people out of their hard earned money to line the pockets of his vendor friends and/or campaign staff?” Like, it’s funny to him. “Heh. Maybe my campaign defrauded people. Maybe it didn’t. Heh. Who knows? ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

Let’s follow that with, has Ben Carson conducted an investigation or audit of any kind as to whether campaign funds were used or funneled improperly, and if not, why not? After that, how about, why did you not know that for months your campaign was being run by people who were (at best) incompetent with finances or possibly (at worst) actively defrauding your donors? Does this speak well of your ability to run a competent White House, or nah?


The even more astonishing thing is that Carson seems to think he’s doing better now – when he is in dead last place – than he was back when he was in first or second place before firing his staff. At least back then, some portion of donors’ money was going towards a candidate with a theoretical shot at the nomination. Now he’s using the same sleazy techniques to continue an apparently endless campaign in which everyone knows that he has literally no shot at winning, so if anything, the fraud is worse.

The sooner this guy is gone from the national stage forever, the better.


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