Erick Erickson Versus the Stooges on Fox Business

The former boss was on Fox Business Network dealing with a bunch of people I’ve never seen before (one of them moderated a debate earlier this year but I don’t really remember her name). Anyway, this is an absolutely absurd interview with people who have no idea what the hell they are talking about politically, and/or habitually contradict themselves. Take a look:


Incredible. No one is entitled to anyone’s vote, including Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or anyone else, just because they have an (R) next to their name. Erick doesn’t have a civic obligation to vote for a given candidate any more than any other candidate does or will. There’s nothing that obligates anyone – legally, ethically, or morally – to cast a vote for someone to prevent someone who is arguably worse (but also arguably not worse) from assuming office.

Donald Trump, if he gets the nomination, cannot assume that people like Erick, or people like me, will eventually come around to voting for him in November. If I had to say today, I probably wouldn’t. I will give him a chance to earn my vote, but he’ll have to be a hell of a lot better of a candidate in the general than he’s been in the primary.

Right now, Donald Trump is such an unserious person and such a threat to the Republic, that I might actually find myself in the position where I have to consider voting for Hillary in order to prevent him from actually becoming the President. That reality doesn’t change because of party affiliation.


I can’t speak for Erick but if these Trump stooges want people like me on board come November (if they win the nomination), then yelling “I NEED TO GIVE YOU A CIVICS LESSON” at us isn’t really going to get the job done. We understand how government works. And we understand what a menace Trump would be if he got his hands on the levers of power in government. And we are not automatically willing to allow that to happen just because he’s an (alleged) Republican.


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