Here are the Emails Between Rubio Campaign and ACU Regarding Rubio's Attendance at CPAC

A minor firestorm has erupted on the Internet over whether Marco Rubio will be attending CPAC this year. The ACU (which hosts CPAC) released a statement to Breitbart News indicating that Rubio has said that he is “unwilling to take the time to meet with activists and answer their questions” at CPAC. That’s a direct quote.


The Rubio campaign says in response that wasn’t true, that they were simply unable to commit to a specific date and time YET.

Frankly, this is not an issue of great importance to me personally, but people seem to be yelling about it on Twitter at high volumes. I reached out to the Rubio campaign and they provided me with the email exchange between the campaign and ACU representatives this morning, and it seems to essentially confirm their side of the story.

Now, I’m not at all unsympathetic to Schlapp’s position. There definitely comes a time when you have to “fish or cut bait” and if they needed to set their schedule, then they needed to set their schedule. It’s unfortunate that things work out this way sometimes. But it’s flat out inaccurate to say that the Rubio campaign just told them they were “unwilling to take the time” to come to CPAC. They just didn’t know WHEN they would be able to come yet.



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