Jeb Bush Drops out of the Race

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Jeb Bush is speaking right now on CNN and making official what many have long predicted. He has just announced that he would suspend his campaign. He did so tearfully but also with a smile, realizing that this was just not going to be the year for him.


Jeb Bush is a nice man. I have come to like him more as this campaign has gone on. But it just was not going to happen for him in the final analysis. He went toe to toe with Trump and he realized the existential threat Trump posed. His quick exit from the race will help the field consolidate behind Trump quicker, and put a dent in his chances to keep the field splintered and continue to win with 35% of the vote.

Let’s hope Ben Carson takes a hint, sooner rather than later.

Also let’s note that Jeb is likely to finish ahead of John Kasich tonight, who is kidding himself even worse than Bush ever was.


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