Memo to Thom Tillis: No One Gives a Crap If You're Seen as "Obstructionist"

Apparently, Freshman Senator Thom Tillis has already developed a bad case of the vapors over being tut-tutted by the press. This kind of crap right here is what causes people to pick up their torches and pitchforks and start a damn riot that ends with Trump being the nominee and the GOP being torn to shreds in the process.


Via Hot Air, Tillis has his undergarments in a wad over being seen as “obstructionist,” which is exactly what he was elected to do. If the voters of North Carolina had wanted someone to not obstruct Barack Obama, they would have voted for Kay Hagan:

The remarks from the North Carolina Republican are the first crack in GOP unity since Saturday’s stunning news of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, whose passing has put the tilt of the court in question. Scalia’s successor seems likely to determine whether its majority will lean liberal or conservative…

“I think we fall into the trap, if we just simply say sight unseen — we fall into the trap of being obstructionist,” he said in comments first noted by Think Progress, a left-leaning website.

Tillis added that he would not support a liberal nominee, and argued that Republicans should use “every device available” to block someone who is “in the mold of President Obama’s vision for America.”



As Allahpundit notes, the actual audio of his remarks indicates that maybe what he’s saying is that if Obama doesn’t nominate a conservative like Scalia, then he would be fine being seen as obstructionist. Which of course Obama will never do.

All the same, Tillis should stop even making these stupid noises which serve no purpose other than to give the media fodder, embolden the surrender monkeys in the caucus, and frankly rile up people towards supporting Trump.


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